The Perfect Time

I say to people when I´m talking to them about my business opportunity, don´t expect it to be the perfect time. It will never be the perfect time, where you´ve got plenty of free opportunity to go out there and work, you have a steady income and your family is all settled. (more…)


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to my family, friends and followers! May you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Telling Your Story

One of the biggest ways of attracting more people to your business, is to tell your story. When telling your story, remember it right. Start with the beginning, using vivid detail and emotional language. Record it to yourself and make sure you have it all written down. (more…)


Understanding Your Audience

I am a mum & most of my executives are also mum´s because I can connect with them & their day to day struggles. I understand the good things that can happen in their business & that is exactly what you need to do as well if you are a busy person working 9-5, you need to connect with them too. (more…)