Overcoming objections

Don´t defend yourself or make excuses for not working. People have lives to lead and a lot of people make excuses not to go that extra mile. Whilst working in Direct sales marketing you are looking for those people that will go that extra mile. Some people are inspired, some people are inspired more and will find a way to make their dream work. How do you find those people, not everyone is born an ACE,
So people are not interested, or saying go away, sometime it´s not the right time. There are those that are interested, are open, but have self-doubt and need support. There is no right way, there is no system set in stone that is perfect people need help and guidance to find their own way.
What works well for me, I can show you.

People are looking at a business because they want to better their life, they need help and extra income, some people are serial entrepreneurs and will go to the end of the earth to make their business work.

What does the business mean for them, will it give time freedom, some people love being a big fish in a little pond, people want to make sure that you can teach them and show them how to do it and how to make it work. Some want to have a business and have fun, improve their social life. These are the questions you need to be putting to the people first, finding out their needs.

Need to overcome their self-doubts. What people are really saying is
Convince me that this works
Convince me that I can build a business with this

Maybe they don´t understand the pay plan
How is this different to what they have tried before,
Show them how it works, you

Every day we go to work we have to be selling ourselves
When they are pulling up objections, the best way is to get them on a call with another to help explain how this works

Every day I do calls with my team, to help and motivate
Show people how you are doing the business, keeping them recruit
Teach what you learn, teach them to teach.

Don´t be afraid to take action.

Use professional materials use your upline, set your goals, who set them smarter, be realistic, have a time plan, Keep developing yourself. Keep track of the people you have contacted today. Working together as a team is key, being a key player, keep routine, leaders follow leaders.