The Perfect Time

I say to people when I´m talking to them about my business opportunity, don´t expect it to be the perfect time. It will never be the perfect time, where you´ve got plenty of free opportunity to go out there and work, you have a steady income and your family is all settled.


Life is such that there are always going to be problems and challenges, no matter what. The perfect time will just appear, by magic! In a way if you can get people to really see the opportunity that this business presents to people, then you will make it the right time.
I fully appreciate that some people say, look, I´m moving house, I´m running 2 jobs, I´ve got 4 children under 5, I just can´t feasibly fit it in, absolutely fine.
But I think, when I sit down with people, and we really look at the way they organize their time, and I show them how with 10 hours a weeks they can really get a foothold into this business, a little bit better organization, maybe a little bit of delegation to other people in the family or at work, or whatever, they can actually get it started, because a lot of people think as soon as you start, you´ve got to do it for 80 hours per week. Not at all…