Understanding Your Audience

I am a mum & most of my executives are also mum´s because I can connect with them & their day to day struggles. I understand the good things that can happen in their business & that is exactly what you need to do as well if you are a busy person working 9-5, you need to connect with them too.

You understand them if you can connect with them and then you can start building relationships with them as you are so similar.

It´s vital to understand your audience. The average 18-30 yr old spends around 4 hours a day on social media. THAT is a lot of time so you need to go out there and do something with that and create some excitement with it from by working from home – with your phone, tablet or laptop. Message people in your age category and with common grounds.

People will be attracted to your enthusiasm & your excitement. I have people who don´t know the products or the business but they see my lifestyle & energy & they want to be involved in it & they don´t even know what I am doing – Share your Lifestyle.